Results – TRA National Championships 2022

QTS Inc hosted the TRA National Championships over the period 13 – 18 April 22.

Results Day 1

Results 3p Stage 1

Results 3p Stage 2 Men

Results 3p Stage 2 Women

Results 3p final Men

Results 3p final Women

Results 3 x 40 3 Position  Match

Results 3 x 40 3 Position State Teams

Results Day 2

Results Air Rifle Men

Results Air Rifle Women

Results WSPS 10m Standing

Results Air Rifle Final Men

Results Air Rifle Final Women

Results Mix Teams Stage 1 

ResultsvMix Teams Stage 2 

Results Mixed Teams Final

Results Day 3


Results Men 50m Prone Championship

Results SH1 Men 50m Prone Championship

Results 50m Prone Championship – Final

Results 50m Prone Championship Women

Results 50m Prone Championship Junior


Results 10m Supported Air Rifle

Results 10m Supported Air Rifle Junior

Results Air Rifle Open

Results Air Rifle Junior

Results Open Air Rifle Final

Results 10M Air State Teams

Results Day 4

Results SH1 Prone Qualification

Results SH1 Prone Final

 Results Bench Rest Day 1

Results Jim Smith Day 1

Results Day 5

Results Jim Smith Day 2

Results Bench Rest Day 2

Results JIM SMITH MATCH Overall

Results JIM SMITH Junior, Veteran and Grades

Results 50M Prone Open State Teams

Results Prone Champion

Results 50M Prone State Teams Women

Results 50m Benchrest Open Championship

Results 50m Benchrest Open State Teams

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  1. mark cresp says:

    are registration forms available for the 2022 Nationals yet?

    • Ray says:

      Entry Form is now live, please use the online form.

      • Peter Armstrong says:

        Hi will the range be open for practice on the weekend before (april 9-10) the nationals?


        • Ray says:

          There will be a competition on Sat (Bill Campbell) range maybe available after that comp no guarantees, I haven’t seen a program as yet. Sunday – Monday will be a SA event range maybe available for practice but unable to confirm until the day.

          There will also be working bee to fix up things around the range. With all that said it would be hit & miss as to when the range will be available for practice.

  2. Ian Appleby says:

    Is it possible to shoot multiple grades for the Benchrest; ie A Grade & Silhouette/sporter class?

    does not appear as an option on the entry form

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