Metallic Silhouette Shooting

WHO CAN SHOOT:      Anyone can shoot, all ages, backgrounds, professions, male and female.  (Juniors from 12 years old).

SAFETY:            Of course, safety is of the highest importance and shooters are governed by a strict set of safety rules.  New shooters are first taught to handle firearms safely, then how and when they can shoot.  The ranges are controlled by qualified Range Officers, and juniors are expected to be accompanied by a parent/guardian until 15yrs old.

EQUIPMENT:        Club rifles are usually available to visitors and new members for a limited time.  New shooters can then decide to join a club  and purchase their own equipment.

FOR SILHOUETTE SHOOTING:      A bolt action .22 sporting rifle with a telescopic scope is used.  The targets are metallic animals that must be knocked down from a rail to score a hit.  Distances are 35m, 55m, 70m and 90m.  This makes for a great spectacle as up to 120 silhouettes across the range may be shot in a 4 minute period.

COMPETITIONS:         Members compete for yearly club championships and competitions are held throughout Queensland and interstate, thus providing many opportunities to travel and meet other shooters.  Ladies take heart.  There are many women shooters among the sport’s top shooters.

HOW DO I GET STARTED ??      If you are interested in shooting silhouettes and would like to inquire further,  you will be made welcome at any club that holds silhouette shoots and given the opportunity to observe and try out the sport.

Rules:     Queensland Target Sports Inc have developed the rules for prone metallic silhouette shooting for use within Queensland.  The rules are available in A4 and A5formats.  Target Templates

Queensland Clubs and contacts for Metallic silhouette shooting are:

Maryborough Smallbore Rifle Club  –  Alan – Ph 07 4123 1256
Bundaberg Smallbore Rifle Club  – Jason  – Ph 07 4152 9097
South Kolan Smallbore Rifle Club  – Alan – Ph 07 4157 7532
Isis District Smallbore Rifle Club  – Anton – Ph 07 4157 6806
Munduberra Smallbore Rifle Club  – Tony  – Ph 07 4165 4181
Toowoomba Smallbore Rifle Club  – John  – Ph 07 4637 0209
Gympie Smallbore Rifle Club  – Ed l – Ph 07 5483 6801
Charleville Smallbore Rifle Club – Joy  – Ph 07 46541517

Copy of the Queensland Target Sports Inc  Silhouette Rules  A4 or A5 Format.  Target Templates

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