From South Africa to South Kolan

Author: Frans Snyman

Back in 1989 I joined my school’s target shooting team in South Africa. We practiced after school and had the occasional inter-school competition. Those were some of my fondest memories from high school – not so much the shooting itself: Spending time with friends, looking at each other’s targets and occasionally aiming at the washing pegs holding up your friend’s target.

Twenty years on I now live in Brisbane and a few years ago I joined Commercial Small Bore Rifle club and Queensland Target Sports. The shooting aspect is nice – it brings a level distraction from everyday work. Target shooting is a mentally demanding activity. Unlike the mainstream perception of associating shooting with aggression, to be good you need to be focused, calm and in control – it’s not supposed to be easy.

The best part of joining QTS though is meeting a community of like-minded people and making new friends. The Australian small bore target shooting community is smaller than I expected. It’s great to share ideas and to compete among some of the world’s best shooters.

The Belmont range is equipped with electronic targets. The new technology is great, however returning to paper targets during last week’s competition in South Kolan was wonderful. Apart from bringing back old memories, it had a fresh feel to it. The rural vibe and community at the range is nice. I was great to take a break after 20 shots, to chat with fellow competitors while walking to the targets and to see actual holes in paper again. It was easy to forget we were taking part in a competition. My average score perhaps explains that. But that doesn’t matter.

Our family made a weekend trip out of it and spent some time at Elliott Heads. We loved it. I will definitely return.




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