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Junior Coaching Camp - 14

Junior Coaching Camp – 14

 The annual Queensland Target Sports Junior coaching Camp will be conducted at the Jim Smith Range, Belmont on 24th to 26th of September 2014, prior to the State Championships. This camp is open to all Junior QTS members and will cover all aspects of Small Bore Rifle shooting. Shooters from all disciplines are invited to […]

Shooting with a Disability

QTS Inc is fully supportive of and caters for the disabled shooter.  Please follow the link for more information about shooting with disabilities within Queensland. Information

50 Metre Rifle Shooting

50 Metre Rifle Shooting

50 Metre target rifle is an Olympic Rifle Shooting event.  It includes the Three Positional and Prone events. 50 M Prone The 50 Metre Prone Rifle Event is shot by both Men and Women.  However, at Olympics only men participate in this event.  Some International events cater for both Men and Women, however they participate […]

Air Rifle

Air Rifle is also an Olympic event and is shot over a distance of 10 Metres, in the standing position. Competitors fire a 60 shot men’s and a 40 shot women’s event over 10 metres using a .177 calibre target air rifle.  The events are shot in the standing position usually on an indoor range.  […]

Metallic Silhouette Shooting

WHO CAN SHOOT:      Anyone can shoot, all ages, backgrounds, professions, male and female.  (Juniors from 12 years old). SAFETY:            Of course, safety is of the highest importance and shooters are governed by a strict set of safety rules.  New shooters are first taught to handle firearms safely, then how and when they can shoot.  The ranges are controlled by qualified Range […]

Bench Rest

Bench Rest is as the name implies is a competition where the competitor sits at a bench with the rifle on a stand.  The competition consist of 60 shots are fired at a target at a distance of 50 Metres.  Bench Rest Rules