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Doug Weare Memorial Shoot – Charleville

Charleville will be hosting the annual Doug Weare Memorial Shoot over the week end 1 – 2 May 21.  For more information please read the information and program CSBRC 2021 PROGRAM  

Results – Queensland Cup 21

Results Qld Cup 21 Queensland Cup 2021 – QLD CUP OVERALL Day 1 Air Rifle QLDCup2021-AR60Sat-Agrade QLDCup2021-AR60Sat-Bgrade QLDCup2021-AR60Sat-Cgrade QLDCup2021-AR60Sat-Junior QLDCup21 10 Air Sup Sat QLDCup21 10 Air Sup Sat Junior Results 3P AIR TRA Bench Rest QldCup21 50M Bench Sat Agrade QldCup21 50M Bench Sat Bgrade QldCup21 50M Bench Sat Cgrade QldCup21 50M Bench Sat […]

Queensland Championships 2020

QTS Inc held the Queensland Championships 2020 over the week end 2 – 4 Oct 20. State Champions Position Champion – Dane SAMPSON Prone Champion – Dane SAMPSON Bench Rest Champion – John PATZWALD Air Rifle Champion – Dane SAMPSON Results Overall Results PRONE CHAMPIONSHIP PRONE GRADES BENCHREST CHAMPIONSHIP BENCHREST GRADES CLUB TEAMS CHAMPION OF CHAMPION […]

Results - Queensland Cup 2020

Results – Queensland Cup 2020

Results Saturday 50m Prone 50mProneSaturday-Open 50m Bench 50mBenchSaturday-Agrade 50mBenchSaturday-Bgrade 50mBenchSaturday-Cgrade 50mBenchSaturday-Sil 2020_qld_cup_RBA_heavy Air Rifle 10mAir60-Agrade 10mAir60-Bgrade 10mAir60-Cgrade QLDCup2020-10mAuf Results Sunday 50m Prone 50mProneSunday-Open 50mProneSunday-Agrade 50mProneSunday-Bgrade 50mProneSunday-Cgrade Air QLDCup2020-10mAufSun 25m Bench QLDCup_Bench_Air  

Queensland State Championships 2019 – Results

3 Position Results          Results Saturday                                                           Results Sunday 3 x 40 Final Results                     […]

Queensland Target Sports Inc State Championships

Queensland Target Sports Inc State Championships

STATE CHAMPS PROG 2019 v2 Note: corrected time for 50m prone Squad 1.

BISC Grand Prix 13 – 16 June 19 – Results

Rifle Program for the BISC Grad Prix – PROGRAMME BISC GRAND PRIX RIFLE Results Friday 14 Jun 19 3P Women      3P Final Women 3P Men          3P Final Men Results Saturday 15 Jun 19 50m Prone Men                 50m Prone Women         […]

Charleville 2019 – Results

Results for Charleville 19 – Charleville Results 2019

Bill Campbell – 2019

Program – Bill-Campbell-2019

Queensland Cup 19 – Results

Results Saturday AR60Open    Air Rifle Supported – Handicap AR30SatOpen Results Sunday 50mProneSundayOpen Air Rifle Supported Sunday – Handicap AR30SunOpen RBA BENCHREST HV