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Qld State Championships 17 Results

Qld State Championships 17 Results

Qld Champs 17 Day 1 – Results

AR60-Final     AR60-Men

AR40-Final   AR40-Women

AR40-Men  AR60-Women    AR30Supported-Overall

50mRifleSaturday-Prone     50mRifleSaturday-Bench

50mProne-Final    50mRifleSunday-Prone     50mRifleSunday-Bench

3 x 20 Qualification     3 x 40

Results 2017

Queensland Cup 2017 – Results Queensland Cup 2017

Childers Cup 2017 – Childers Cup Results

Queensland Silhouette Championships – Qld Silhouette Champs Results

Maryborough Masters Games 2016

Maryborough Masters Games 2016

Full results:

Queensland Silhouette Championships 2016

Queensland Silhouette Championships 2016

The 2016 Queensland Silhouette Championships were held in Munduberra on September 10 – 11.

Match 1
A Grade

1st – John Pepprell (BSK) 80

2nd – Greg Mara (Gym) 79

3rd – Shannon Peters (Gym) 79
B Grade

1st – Ethan Hammelswang (BSK) 78

2nd – Les Stey (Gym) 77

3rd – John Wooldridge (Mund) 76
C Grade

1st – Dave Sims (Mund) 76

2nd – Reg Moggenson (BSK) 74

3rd – Tony Smyth (Mund) 70

D Grade

1st – Amy Sheaffe (Gym) 64

Match 2 – Drawn Teams
John Pepprell, Ethan Hammelswang and Reg Mogenson
Score 232
Match 3
A Grade

1st – Simon Wicks (TWB) 80

2nd – John Patzwald (TWB) 80

3rd – Shannon Peters (GYM) 79
B Grade

1st – John Wooldridge (MUND) 78

2nd – Ethen Hammelswang (BSK) 76

3rd – Cheryl Doessel (MUND) 76
C Grade

1st – Reg Moggenson (BSK) 78

2nd – Dave Sims (MUND) 74

3rd – Tony Smyth (MUND) 72
D Grade

1st – Amy Sheaffe (GYM) 66
Match 4 – Drawn Teams
Suzy Stey, Ethan Hammelswang and Reg Moggenson
Score 232
Match 5: Aggregate
A Grade

Gold – John Pepprell (BSK) 159

Silver – Simon Wicks (TWB) 159

Bronze – Shannon Peters (GYM) 158
B Grade

Gold – John Wooldridge (MUND) 154

Silver – Ethan Hammelswang (BSK) 154

Bronze – Les Stey (GYM) 152
C Grade

Gold – Reg Moggenson (BSK) 152

Silver – Dave Sims (MUND) 150

Bronze – Tony Smyth (MUND) 142
D Grade

Gold – Amy Sheaffe (GYM) 130
Match 6 – Queensland Silhouette Champion
Gold – John Pepprell (BSK)

Silver – Simon Wicks (TWB)

Bronze Shannon Peters (GYM)
Match 7 – Queensland Junior Champion (Under 21)
Gold – Anthony Ryan (GYM) 141
Match 8 – Queensland Sub-Junior Champion (Under 16)
Gold – Hayden Stey (GYM) 146
Match 9 – President’s Perpetual Shield
Club: Gympie


Bingera & South Kolan Prize Meeting 2016

Bingera & South Kolan Prize Meeting 2016

Author: Kerry Pagotto

Windy conditions greeted 40 shooters on the 12th & 13th March at our annual prize shoot. Although conditions were testing, some shooters shot really well.

By all reports all shooters enjoyed themselves over the weekend especially those who attended the Saturday night dinner where we were entertained by Maryborough shooter and comedian Roy Muller.

Shooters attended from Brisbane, Lismore, Maryborough, Mundubbera, Childers and Bundaberg.
We as a club would like to thank all those shooters who attended for the weekend to make it the success it was.

Placegetters for the weekend were:

A Grade 1st: John Pepprell 2nd: Geoff Robertson 3rd: Ken Ogilvie
B Grade 1st: Greg Tennent 2nd: Peter Christensen 3rd: Daniel Cooney
C Grade 1st: Tim Doessel 2nd: Callum Hickling
D Grade 1st: Laura Christensen 2nd: Jeff Hammelswang
Saturday 50m Prone
A Grade 1st: Alan Smith
B Grade 1st: Rachael Ross 2nd: Frans Snyman 3rd: Derek Cassar
Silhouette Grade 1st: Joe Bonel 2nd: Terry Harrold 3rd: Peter Christensen
Saturday Bench Rest
A Grade 1st: Roy MacCarthy 2nd: John Pepprell 3rd: John Wooldridge
B Grade 1st: Maria Rizzo
Silhouette Grade 1st: John Wooldridge 2nd: John Pepprell 3rd: Anton Perk
Sunday 50m Prone
A Grade 1st: Alan Smith
B Grade 1st: Derek Cassar
C Grade 1st: Gary Stehbens
Silhouette Grade 1st: Joe Bonel 2nd: Peter Christensen
Sunday Bench Rest
A Grade 1st: John Wooldridge 2nd: Roy Muller 3rd: John Pepprell
B Grade 1st: Maria Rizzo
C Grade 1st: Bruce Quinton 2nd: Sylvia Quinton
Silhouette Grade
1st: John Wooldridge 2nd: John Pepprell 3rd: Anton Perk
Grand Champions
Bundaberg Travel Centre Trophy 50m Prone Aggregate Winner: Alan Smith.
Terry Sinnamon Silhouette Trophy and South Kolan Hotel Perpetual Shield Winner: John Pepprell.



WRABF World Championships 2015

WRABF World Championships 2015

The WRABF World Championships 2015 was successfully held at the Jim Smith Range, Belmont. Competitors from the countries of Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Czech, Philippines, Finland, South Africa, Great Britain, Ukraine, India and USA attended. Host country Australia topping the medal tally with 17 medals in total.

A report from the WRABF president including all medal winners and a photo gallery is provided below:

Full results are available on Benchrest Bulletin.

Results 2015 – All Results

 Queensland Cup 2015 – Results Qld Cup 15

Queensland RBA Championships 15 – Day 1 – Air – Air Rifle LV Day1, HV – Day 1 HV:
Day 2 HV – Day 2 HV; Total HV – QLD RBA State Championships Results HV 2 Days.

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Childers Cup 2015 – Childers Cup 2015 Results

Australian Shooting Games 2015 – Results ASG 15

Results QLD Silhouette Championships 2015

Queensland Championships 2015 – Results – Qld Championships 2015 Results

2015 Champions:

3P – 3 x40 Dane Sampson, 3 x 20, ISSF – Tamsyn Henry, 3 x 20, IPC – Natalie Smith

50M Prone – Dane Sampson

10M Air Rifle – ISSF – Dane Sampson ; IPC  Bradley Mark

50m Bench Rest – Andrew Shackleton


Results – Queensland RBA Championships – 2014

Results Overall – Results QTS RBA Championships 2014

Results Day 2 – QTS RBA Champs – Day 2

Results Day 1 – QLD RBA Champs  – Day 1

Results - Queensland Championships 2014

Results – Queensland Championships 2014

Results 2014 Qld Championships

Three Position Champion – Dane Sampson

50M Prone Champion – Dane Sampson

50M Bench Rest Champion – Barry Hilzinger

Position Champion – Dane Sampson

Air Rifle Men – Dane Sampson

Air Rifle Women – Erika Dwyer




Results – Lismore & Northern Region Championships 2014

Lismore SBRC hosted the 2014 Lismore and Regional Championships for 2014 over the week end 8 – 9 Nov 14

Lismore Championships 2014

Program; – Lismore 14